Robot Halloween Costume to Make (1930's)

robot1Making the robot requires a lot of work, but it is worth the effort to create a real sensation at a party, and assuredly this mechanical man will be the talk of the community.

You will have plenty of fun with the smoke-belching robot, which may be equipped with as many fun-making gadgets as you can devise.

In making the robot, the frame must, of course, be fitted to the wearer, and should be made as large as possible to permit freedom of movement.

The helmet, collar, coat with sleeves, and the legs are separate units for ease in putting on and taking off. The sleeves are made up of cardboard tubes with rubber joints. They are supported at the shoulder on a curved piece of sheet iron as shown. The wearer draws on the legs with shoes attached and adjusts them to his belt. Next he gets into the coat through the open back, which is attached by means of screw eyes in slots, a quarter turn locking each. An amusing feature will be a crank at the back, operating a holiday rattle on the inside. On the front of the coat other devices can be installed, such as radio dials, ammeters, push buttons, etc. The last could be made to sound a real buzzer, with a flashlight battery fastened to the frame of the coat inside.


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One response to “Robot Halloween Costume to Make (1930's)
  1. Ive got some sweet party tips from this. Halloween is going be a good one! Thank you

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