Rose Costume

Rose Crepe Paper Costume

materials needed (8 year old size):

4 Folds No. 32 Pink Crepe Paper
3 Folds No. 33 Pink Crepe Paper
1 Fold No. 46 Leaf Green Crepe Paper
1 Doz. No.9 Wire

Cut and curl five large rose petals (see How to Make Crepe Paper Petals), using a double thickness of crepe paper. The same color or two different tints may be used. Gather the petals slightly and sew to the waist.

The waist is plain and a calyx made of green crushed crepe forms a finish at the waist line. The stem and leaves give an unusual finish. The leaves are made of crepe paper, cut across the grain, wired and made into sprays. The stem should be made of tightly twisted crepe paper or a piece of heavy string may be wrapped with crepe paper. Follow the directions here for making the crepe paper hat.

Before making the Rose Crepe Paper Costume you may want to read the Basic Instructions for Making Crepe Paper Costumes.

You can also make the Rose Crepe Paper Costume as a slip-over cosĀ­tume.

This Costumes and MANY others are found in the book: How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes

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