Ingram’s Shaving Cream Ad 1932

Cut loose with a locomotive! Ingram’s is something to yell about! It’s the greatest shaving cream ever invented. It shaves you as cool as a New Year’s game at Alaska U. It’s cool, cool, COOL!

We put three special things into every jar and every tube of Ingram’s.  You need only to buy one container or the other; both are full of the same grand cream.  It acts on your cheek like a shaving cream, lotion, and a skin tonic – all at once.

Once you’ve tried Ingram’s you’ll always insist on it.  That’s why it saves time and trouble to buy a jar or a tube at your druggist’s.

But if you want to try a sample first – send in the coupon and a 2 cent stamp.  We’ll give you your first ten 100% comfortable shaves.

– from Popular Science Monthly, 1932.

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