Suggestions for a Fun Children's Halloween Party

The most thrilling kind of decoration you can provide is Jack-o’lanterns, and a liberal use of small prizes and favors will add much to the success of the entertainment.

Games should be of the active sort.

By all means have the traditional apple ducking and bobbing.

“Six mothers and fathers got together, each furnishing an equal share for the following inexpensive party.
“Invitations: Jack-o’-lanterns cut from orange paper.

“Receiving of guests: Each child is given a mask when he arrives.

“Entertainment: The room, from which all the furniture has. been removed, is decorated with cornstalks, leaves and Jacko’-lanterns. Shadow ,pictures are put on
by the parents, and ghost stories are told.

The children play Charades, bob for apples, duck for apples, and each child gives a stunt.

Prizes are given for these last three games.

“Refreshments: Popcorn, cider,’ sandwiches, pickles and individual pumpkin pies.

“Departure: Each child is given a little five-cent gift by a ghost, who bids him good-bye at the door.”

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