Make A Lighthouse Lamp (1940’s)

Make a Lighthouse Lamp entrance hallways and stair landings a small light is sometimes needed as a safety measure. For this purpose the model lighthouse illustrated here is ideal. It presents a pleasing appearance and costs little to operate. Construction centers around a wood-turning lathe. The pedestal is made of oak and is filled and stained to bring out the richness of the grain.

Where ever a small light is required as a safety measure this attractive lamp will be appropriate. It takes little space and operates all night at low cost. A 7 1/2-watt electric light bulb of the type used as a pilot light on electrical equipment is housed behind a piece of frosted celluloid.

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How To Make A Glass Block Lamp

Any crafty person with a few hand tools can make a pair of lamps similar to the one shown in the photograph for a minimal cost. Try to select seasoned, clear-grained wood. There should be no knots unless you want to use the lamps in a knotty pine amusement room or den. Birch, maple or oak is excellent if you have the proper tools for working it. You will need eight feet of stock dressed to 1 1/2″ x 3 5/8″.

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How To Make A Bazooka Rocket Shell Lamp (1940’s)

Finally!  You can do something useful with that practice Bazooka Rocket Shell you’ve had laying around collecting dust – make a unique lamp out of it.

This is based on original plans from the 1940’s which have been refreshed and restored for your use.

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