Fortune Telling Verses (1920's)

Fortunes in verse form can be used in many fun-producing ways at a Halloween party. Here are a number that the hostess can use as best meets her requirements to foretell the destiny other guests.

Keep in mind, these “fortunes” were first published in the 1920’s.  They reflect the views of the sexes at that time.

Fortunes for Boys

West Point you will take by storm-
You look so well in uniform!

Annapolis will be your fate-
You’ll wear a middie at any rate!

You’ll be a very modern sheik-
But do not let your knees get weak!

Some “Gentlemen prefer a blond”
Of them you, too, are very fond!

A man of business you will be­
You’ll make a fortune eas~ily!

As engineer you’ll climb to fame­
All the world will know your name!

You’ll marrya girl bythe name of Kate-
For the wedding day it’s hard to wait!

You’ll be a preacher fearless and bold­
And put Billy Sunday out in the cold!

A chauffeur-that’s the thing for you­
But be a careful driver, do!

A chain of stores is in your eyes-
Your profits will to mountains rise!

Athletics-that’s where you will shine­
Another Babe Ruth may be in line!

Boxing-that’s the thing for you-
But I wouldn’t tryDempseyif I were you!

Fortunes for Girls

A handsome prince with eyes of blue
Is coming straight from France to you!

I see what is in store for you-
A pretty tea room comes in view!

A beauty parlor you will run-
Making curls is lots of fun!

You’ll be happy, I surely know­
With hubby in a bungalow!

You’ll have a husband you can rule­
But do not let him know-the fool!

You’ll have a husband you adore-
And he will love you more and more!

Just act dumb and cry and whine-
For husbands love a “clinging vine”!

You’ll marry a man with eyes of brown,
And he is right within this town!

“Stay,stay at home, dear heart, and rest,” Longfellow said-
and he knows best!

You’ll find your happiness right at home,
No need around the world to roam!

A few old maids the world still needs­
You’ll find your happiness in good deeds!

A masculine girl the men alarm-
So keep your own sweet feminine charm!

Fortunes for Both Boys & Girls

In the movies you will go-
I trust you will not find it slow!

You’ll be a student somber and sad­
Cheer up-the world is not so bad!

You’ll be a leader in your gang-
One does not hear a thing but slang!

A fortune will be left to you-
Take care of it whate’er you do!

You’ll be an aviator bold-
Your stunts will make one’s blood run cold!

I think you’ll be an acrobat-
Unless you take on too much fat!

Around the world your voice will go,
Announcing for the radio!

A singer-your voice is like a bird­
And over the radio will be heard!

As an editor you will shine-
So much money for every line!

Your married Iife will happy be-
With handsome children, one, two, three!

A pair of twins will be your joy-
A little girl and a little boy!

You only like to spoon and spoon­
Sitting out beneath the moon!

Halloween Murder Mystery Party

A Halloween Murder Mystery That May Stir Your Usually Law-Abiding Community

This is a murderous age! To be success­ful, the modern novelist knows he must first kill his man and then find the murderer. “Oh,” shivers the sweet young thing at your bridge party, “I’ve just finished the sweetest murder! By I. O. Dyne, you know, who did ‘The Double Killing on the Roof.’ I haven’t slept a wink for nights. This ace of spades makes me positively quake. For that’s how they found the body, you know! Somebody saw the gardener carrying a spade-oh, it was ghastly-” and so on to the lurid end.

And if it isn’t a murder mystery book, then it’s a murder movie. In short, it has become a social error not to know who killed Cock Robin, and no hostess can hope to be the life of the party unless she is an adept at murder­ing by proxy.

Then why not let its “outing” be on Hallowe’en night? If your crowd is Read more

Goblin Halloween Party (1940s)

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On Hallowe’en the goblins and elves come out of their homes to play and dance among the toadstools.

Toadstools and goblins provide a good motif for a children’s party. The toadstools consist of orange balloons “growing” on long stems of pale green crepe paper. These may be pinned to the walls at various heights or thumb-tacked to the floor. A few leaves and tree branches add to the decorative scheme.

Use one of the inner doorways as the entrance to the Goblin’s Cave, made of blankets stretched across chairs, where a gnome tells fortunes.

Have a Goblin’s Relay. Play Harvest, Autumn Leaves, Doughnut Puncture, and Hallowe’en Ten Pins.
Your final game might be Toadstool Scramble in which there is a grand rush for all the balloon toadstools you have for

You’ll find some good things to gobble at your Goblin Party by looking through our recipes.

Furnish plenty of small prizes for all winners.

Four House Halloween Party

The guests all come masked to the first house;

Pumpkin-Face Inn, where they are given a small bag of buttered popcorn and four soda crackers.Here everyone has to go through the Ghost Test – eat the four crackers and then whistle. The first successful person is given a lollipop.

The party proceeds to the second place, the Haunted House, which is completely dark.

The leader raps on the door; a ghost opens and instructs the guests to form a lock-step line and to follow. Amid shrieks and groans they are led about through the house and finally into a dim lit room, where the ghost tells a Ghost Story. The Autopsy is performed here.
As they leave, the guests may be given apples.

At the Witch’s Cavern, the next stop, an old Witch holds forth, having a cauldron full of cookies and fortunes. There are also two or three fortune telling games such as Shooting for Luck and Pumpkin Seed Fortunes.

The Hideout is the name of the fourth house. Here the first game is Harvest, and the winning team gets a bag of candy kisses. Other games that may be used: Apple Initials, Feed the Goblin, Cat Scram, Cat on the Back Fence.

House-To-House Halloween Party Idea

For many years groups of parents have worked together to give their children progressive or house-to-house parties.  They have met with such great success that we’ve been collecting definite ideas for these functions.

The great advantage of a progressive party is that it enables the youngsters to be out-of-doors part of the time, and provides active exercise that fulfills youthful
yearnings for a rip-roaring good time.

Adult “ghosts” should accompany the group on each excursion.

People in the same neighborhood can get together and plan the programs that will take place in each house. If six families join forces they might share the expenses
and plan their party this way :

House No.1.

Have an active game which will thoroughly break the ice, such as Tagging the Black Cat’s Tail or Circus.
Each child gets a hat and mask to wear during the evening.

House No.2.

Give the children marshmallows, gumdrops and toothpicks, to make decorative Hallowe’en favors. The most attractive favors win a prize.

House No.3.

Guests bob for apples, play Hallowe’en Ten Pins and Peanut in the Pumpkin.

House No.4.

Another game, perhaps Torch-bearers or Black Cat and Bat, played in the yard until the main dish of the menu is ready to be served.

House No.5.

Dessert here and a good Fortune game.

House No.6.

End the party with the presentation of the favors; have each child tell a five-minute ghost story, and serve Goblin Punch. The evening, both for the
children and you, will be a complete success..

Be sure to have a good supply of prizes for the games, and award all the prizes at the last house.

Suggestions for a Fun Children's Halloween Party

The most thrilling kind of decoration you can provide is Jack-o’lanterns, and a liberal use of small prizes and favors will add much to the success of the entertainment.

Games should be of the active sort.

By all means have the traditional apple ducking and bobbing.

“Six mothers and fathers got together, each furnishing an equal share for the following inexpensive party.
“Invitations: Jack-o’-lanterns cut from orange paper.

“Receiving of guests: Each child is given a mask when he arrives.

“Entertainment: The room, from which all the furniture has. been removed, is decorated with cornstalks, leaves and Jacko’-lanterns. Shadow ,pictures are put on
by the parents, and ghost stories are told.

The children play Charades, bob for apples, duck for apples, and each child gives a stunt.

Prizes are given for these last three games.

“Refreshments: Popcorn, cider,’ sandwiches, pickles and individual pumpkin pies.

“Departure: Each child is given a little five-cent gift by a ghost, who bids him good-bye at the door.”

A Good Deed Halloween Prank (1940's)

A twelve-year-old girl planned this party for her friends, a group of boys and girls, so that the novel theme was a surprise even to her mother.

In each invitation she asked the guests to bring oranges, apples, candies and canned goods for a mysterious purpose.

The children spent an enjoyable evening playing games, giving stunts, and telling ghost stories. Finally Jane asked their approval of this plan :

Would they like to proceed with masks and Jack-o’lanterns to the home of a needy family and leave their boxes of food on the porch as a new kind of Hallowe’en prank? The boys and girls were delighted, and with Jane’s father as helper brought the food to the house, knocked on the door, and ran to hiding places to watch.
They saw the door open and the mother step out to look at the boxes. Soon the little children gathered around to exclaim over the good things left’ for them. When
the family was safely inside, Jane and her band of goblins turned happily homeward, ready for refreshments and certain that this was the best Hallowe’en fun they had ever had.

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