Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty from Aluminum Foil


Materials Needed:
Aluminum Foil, Standard or Heavy Duty
Crinkled foil Rope or Tinsel in Plain Aluminum Color
Gold Spray
Chicken Wire

  • Form a large cone or horn of chicken wire, turning in the cut edges to make it secure.
  • Use the picture as a guide and make it as large or small as you wish.
  • Line the inside with aluminum foil, folding it over open end to make secure.
  • Cover the outside, turning in edges at open end.
  • Wind it with foil rope as illustrated and insert a spray of oak leaves and acorns at the top.
  • Spray lightly with gold lacquer.
  • Fill with autumn fruits and arrange on oak leaves or evergreens.
  • Or decorate with holly, Christmas balls and fill with cookies.
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