The Best Christmas Gift is Priceless (1862)

Time-tested advice form 1862 that is as true today as it ever was….

The best Christmas gift one can bestow upon child or friend is a happy memory. Money cannot buy it, but it may be procured by the poorest. It can be had by a draft upon patience or a check upon ill temper, which may be changed for the coin of kind words, each bearing the imprint, “Peace on earth, good will to men.”

After reading this I sat for a while remembering Christmases that have passed and came up with some of my favorite Christmas memories to share…

  • sitting in the room with the Christmas Tree lit up at night with no other lights on, peaceful.
  • sharing Christmas Eve dinner with Parents, Grandparents and other relatives – all of us seated around a table that was perhaps a bit too small for the gathering.
  • kielbasi, perogies, deviled eggs and herrings in sour cream.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Post it below in the comments section if you’d like to share it.

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