Tin Can Craft (1940’s)

From material cut from discarded one gallon tin cans, an ingenious  craftsman can make many decorative projects such as candle sconces, paper-napkin holders, desk sets and small racks and trays for various purposes. Ideas can be obtained by visiting any well-stocked gift shop.

In using tin for this work, no attempt should be made to imitate the design and finish of projects made of better metals. Instead, the style should resemble in simplicity and directness that of the familiar Mexican tinware. Edges can be scalloped and rounded backwards slightly with pliers. Geometric designs can be sketched on the cut-out parts freehand in pencil, then indented in the metal by making a series of punch marks close together. If continuous straight lines are desired as part of the ornamentation, they can be indented with a sharp screw driver.

An excellent antique finish may be obtained by baking the parts in a hot oven for 20 minutes and plunging them into cold water. This must be done, of course, before any soldering operations.

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