Traditional Christmas Tree Idea

A Christmas tree in the United States.

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To many of us Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas unless we had a traditional tree, laden with the miscellaneous assortment of trimmings and lights which have been collected and handed down from generation to generation.

We look forward to seeing the angel, yellowed with age, which belonged to our mother, on the topmost spike. Scratched and faded glass fruit forms still find a place on our tree. Ornaments bought so proudly the first Christmas of our married life are not as bright as they once were but we love them just the same. The paper chains which our child, grown now and with a home of his own, brought home from kindergarten are mingled with the tinsel from our last year’s tree.

Because Christmas is a time of remembrance as well as joyousness, deck your trees with the stuff of memories and relive the happy hours when you were young and all was gay and bright (Plate 6).

Mingle the reds, greens, yellows, oranges, purples, blues and whites upon the traditional tree in whichever way your family tradition dictates. Wind it round and round with ropes of tinsel bright, as well as with beads and nuts and paper chains, and hang the old and the new trimmings side by side for this years’ Christmas tree. The new trimmings you add this year will become the
traditions of the future.

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