Treasure Hunt Game (1910's)

This Halloween Game and MANY others can be found in the following book available from

Games For Hallowe’en

by Mary E. Blain

In this game the seeker for a prize is guided
from place to place by doggerel’s as the fol-
lowing, and is started on his hunt with this
rhyme :

” Perhaps you’ll find it in the air ;
If not, look underneath your chair.”

Beneath his chair he finds the following:

” No, you will not find it here ;
Search the clock and have no fear.”

Under the clock he finds:

” You will have to try once more ;
Look behind the parlor door.”

Tied to the door-knob he discovers:

” If it’s not out in the stable
Seek beneath the kitchen table.”

Under the kitchen table he finds another
note, which reads:

” If your quest remains uncertain,
You will find it ‘neath a curtain.”

And here his quest is rewarded by finding
the prize.

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