Wheel Barrel Magazine Basket

The attractive magazine basket shown in the photograph can easily be cut out and assembled by any craftsman owning a jig saw.
The sides will require two pieces of 1/4″ plywood 10″ x 12″. Since these pieces are identical in size and shape, the stock can be fastened together temporarily with 1/2″ brads so that both can be shaped at the same time. As shown in the drawing, an arc having a radius of 8″ is scribed at the upper edge. This arc is cut to shape on the jig saw, then finished on the sanding drum or sanded by hand.
The bottom is a piece of 1/4″ plywood 6″ wide and 11″ long. The front and back are cut from 1/2″ plywood; the former measures 6″ x 10″ while the latter requires a piece 10″ x 13″. A full-size pattern of the back member will have to be prepared and traced on the stock. The piece is cut to shape on the jig saw.
The pieces that have been prepared can now be assembled. The side members are fastened to the front and back members with glue and 1″ No. 18 brads. The bottom member is set inside and fastened in the same manner.
Enlarge the pattern for the handles to the proper size, and jigsaw two of them from 1/4″  plywood. Mount the handles in place with glue and two or three 1/2″ brads. Layout the wheel on a piece of 3/4″ stock and saw to shape on the jig saw.

Fasten the wheel in place with screws. Set all brads, fill the holes, sand thoroughly and you’re ready for finishing. The original barrow was finished in canary yellow enamel with orange handles and wheel. Add an appropriate decal to each side.

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