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Make this Toddler Wooden Scooter Walker - FREE Plans there’s a small child in your home, why not take an evening or two to make this toddler scooter? Children like the toy because it glides in any direction. Keep in mind, this child’s walker pattern is from the 1940’s. In recent years, walkers had become a safety concern for parents. So please, when your little angel is enjoying this walker/scooter, observe all the usual safety precautions.

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The main frame require a piece of 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood 9″ x 16″. Cut it to shape as shown in Fig. 1 and save the waste material to make seat brace. Either a jig saw, band saw or hand compass saw may be used for cutting the curves.

Make this wooden toddler scooter walker - free plans.For the seat, cut a plywood disk about 6″ in diameter as shown in Fig. 2. It is fastened with a couple of wood screws in such a position that the child can either sit or stand to manipulate the toy. It is well to have the youngster at hand for measurement as the work progresses. Brace the seat with scraps cut from the frame.

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The steering wheel is an 8″ plywood disk with a wooden knob to serve as a spinner. To a small child, this is one of the most attractive features of the toy, but the wheel must be strongly attached to withstand the punishment it is sure to get. This is accomplished by using two bolts locked so as to leave the wheel free to turn. The pipe-column support, which is 6″ long, is held in place with a piece of 1/4″ rod bent as shown in Fig. 3 and threaded at one end. The right-angle bend at the lower end is driven into a hole drilled in the front brace and held with a sheet-metal strap. Add a few washers if the rod is found a little too long.

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For the feet, use two pieces of 3/4″ plywood as shown in Fig. 1. Round the ends and attach to the frame with screws and glue. Four platform casters will be needed for wheels. Select heavy-duty, rugged casters; those with rubber roller are best to prevent marring floors. Don’t attach the casters until after the toy has been painted.

Make this wooden toddler scooter walker - Free Plans!A good glue and long wood screws properly placed will insure a rigid assembly that will not come apart. Drill for the wood screws to prevent the plywood from splitting.

Although the dimensions indicated are about right for the average youngster a year old, they may have to be modified to suit your child. The height is correct when the child is just able to walk with the toy between his legs and also to sit and push it with the feet. Make the dimension as large as possible to allow for a longer period of use as the child grows older.
The toddler scooter may be enameled or shellacked and varnished.

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Now over to you!

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