Mini Bowling Alley/Game Plans

Vintage Mini Bowling Alley / game

how to plans – wood working

This is based off of an original plan from the 1940’s.

Get the satisfaction of making a cherished game the entire family can enjoy!

    • 20+ pages of info.
      • I have taken hours upon hours to re-type the instructions so they are easily readable.
    • Materials List
    • 12 pictures
      • I enlarged these black & white photos.
    • 7 diagrams
      • I also restored and ENLARGED each diagram (this was the most tedious part of all!)
    • you are able to print out the plans or even the entire ebook.
    • you can enlarge and zoom-in on the diagrams if you would like to.

+ a BONUS mini-ebook – “The Basics of Bowling & How to Keep Score” which includes blank score sheets for you to use.

These plans have been saved as quality PDF files that are easily viewed on ANY computer (PC or Mac) with Adobe Reader which is absolutely free. Here is what you get when you purchase these items: These are PDF files which are viewable on any computer (PC or Mac) with the free Adobe Reader.

About the mini bowling alley game:

  • The bowling alley is approximately 6 1/2 feet long X 13 1/2″ wide.
  • The legs make the bowling alley stand about 26″ tall.
  • The legs fold down for easy storage – you could even make this a table-top game if you wanted to!

 Make this mini bowling alley for yourself, your family or as a gift.

  •  perfect for kids of all ages
  • a nice addition to your game room
  • a good “conversation piece”
  • GREAT gift for the bowler in your life
  • Make your own mini bowling alley for MUCH LESS than what it would cost to buy one.

  You can even MAKE MONEY selling these handcrafted bowling alleys!

    • People are selling SMALLER mini bowling alleys on ebay for big bucks – this one is LARGER and has collapsible legs !!

FREE BONUS ITEM: The Basics of Bowling & How to Keep Score (PDF file)

  • explains how to keep score, strikes, spares, doubles, turkeys…etc.
  • score sheets are included! Keep track of every strike and enjoy competing with family and friends!


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