Straw Decorated Christmas Tree

Only a perfect specimen of balsam fir will be worthy to bear upon its branches the fragile perfection of the straw figures that come to us from Sweden. Collecting figures and forms for such a tree would prove a delightful hobby the year round. In these works of art are contained sermons of the simplest and deepest concepts of life.

When you see the straw figures and the geometric designs decorating this tree, listen with your heart and hear the message they bring to you. Straw, to remind us the beginning of Christ’s life on earth was humble. Delicacy and perfection of design to show us that from the commonplace ele¬≠ments of a man’s life, he too may with vision and patience make of himself a figure of beauty and perfection.

Emphasize the natural beauty of the straw figures by using them with designs found in nature. Make ropes of acorns, walnuts, hazel nuts, peanuts and almonds to garland the tree. Hang the straw figures to form a pleasing compo­sition of shapes and forms.

Do not string lights on this tree. Dramatize the subtle coloring of the decorations by using a green or yellow reflector lamp of 150 watts, flood “R” type.

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