Vintage Halloween Ideas

Vintage Halloween Ideas

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Here you’ll find all sorts of spook-tacular Vintage Halloween GOODNESS!

Make Feather-Like Angel Wings and an Angel Costume (robe & halo) using crepe paper.

Own your own Digital Edition of this Vintage Hallowe'en Magazine from Dennison.

Halloween party ideas, decorations, costumes and Thanksgiving ideas.

Instant Delivery (digital download, PDF file) 34 pages Suggestions for: Halloween Party Decoration Party Invitations Costumes Table Decorations Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas Also useful in dating your Vintage Dennison Halloween Collectibles.

  • Simple Angel Wings – Easy To Make from Crepe Paper Simple Angel Wings to Make These easy-to-make Angel Wings are great for school plays, Halloween costumes, even dress-up. They could also be used as butterfly wings, fairy wings, bug wings. Receive more awesome vintage goodness in your in-box, subscribe to our free newsletter HERE. Material Verybest Crepe, 1 fold No. 100 White; 1 pc. No. 7 Flower Wire; paste; 1 pc. 1/2″ white Gift tyying Ribbon. Wrap two 18″ ...
  • How to Make Feather-Like Angel Wings Make Feather Like Angel Wings Making Feather Wings Feather wings, such as Cupid wings and angel wings, are made on a founda­tion of wire bent in the correct shape, or if they are quite large, the foundation is made of cardboard reinforced with wire. When cardboard is used, cut inthe desired shape and then cut out the center, leaving a narrow ...
  • 1935 Halloween Parties Magazine from Dennison 1935 Halloween Parties Magazine Dennison this magazine: When Dennison stopped making it’s famous “Bogie Books”, it started it’s Hallowe’en Parties Magazine.  Similar to the Bogie Books, it contains all sorts of  ideas for Halloween – decorations, games, invitations…etc. Own your own Digital Edition of this Vintage Hallowe’en Magazine  .PDF file – instant download. Table of Contents: A Hocus-Pocus Party  – 4 The Black Cat Rupus ...
  • Devil May Care Dance for Halloween   From decoration ideas for creating “Satan’s Lair” to a very creepy walk on “Satan’s Trail” – this “Devil May Care” Dance will definitely be scary! Enjoy this Vintage Hallowe’en Idea… Adopt a “Devil May Care” attitude about your Hallowe’en Dance! For all you know, he may. Judging from the appear­ance of the hall, he does! Right from ...
  • Halloween Party Ideas from the 1920’s Hallowe’en is a splendid time for giving a party. In ancient times huge bonfires were built on the top of hills to proclaim that mystic and sacred rites were being performed by which to ward off evil spirits that were supposed to be on mischief bent on this day. So why not have an outdoor ...
  • Make a Gourd Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween Gourd Jack-O-Lantern Light #halloweencraft  This is from the 1950’s… Traditional jack-o-lanterns made from hollowed pumpkins lack the durability and portability so much desired by Halloween pranksters.  A good substitute that fills all the practical requirements can be made from a large gourd of the necked variety. The gourd selected should be properly dried and coated with shellac or orange-colored enamel.  Cut ...
  • Children’s Halloween Costumes from the 1920’s Children's Halloween Costume Ideas 1920's #halloweencostume #vintagehalloweenHere’s some vintage inspiration for your little one’s Halloween Costume: “Merry Revellers “Here’s a gay bevy of Carnival Folk – Oranges and Lemons in tarlatan skirts and black gold-laced bodice – the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland fame, in a home-made brushed wool or animal plush costume. The Butterfly wears a little pleated under-dress of sulphur ...

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